Much as I value transparency, I cannot quote a universally applicable line rate, since texts differ radically in their level of difficulty and specialized terminology, and projects have very different time frames in which they should be completed. My line rate depends on the following factors:

• Language combination
• Scope of text
• Content (specific field, subject, terminology)
• Availability of information on the subject
• Work required for researching and localizing the subject
• Target group
• Intended use of the translation
• Format, readability, editability of the document
• Required linguistic or formatting changes
• Delivery date

For this reason, if you need a quote, please simply e-mail me your text and any further relevant details (delivery date, purpose, target group etc.) to and I will send you my offer “ASAP”, including a valid line rate and delivery date. For more details, please follow the links on Pricing and Delivery.

If requested, I shall also be glad to certify your text (for a minor certification fee) after having completed its translation.

Your documents will be handled strictly confidentially, and my offer will remain non-binding until you send me a written confirmation of your translation order.